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 a selection of prayers from this site  2003—2006 

The prayers on this page (except where otherwise acknowledged), were written for this web site's (former) 'Just a Moment' page by my colleague and fellow church member Tom Straughair.  Tom passed away on Tuesday 2 May 2006.

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Please see 'Tribute to Tom' further down this page.


 May 2006 

Eternal God, father of all — yet, we are reminded that your Son instructed his brother to care for his mother. So this month we reflect on the mother who (for most of us) sustained us in our formative years.

The gentle care when tucking us into bed, the singing of a children’s hymn — Gentle Jesus meek and mild, When mothers of Salem brought their children to Jesus, Jesus loves me this I know.

All of this we are inclined to forget due to the passing years and the rush of living in the 21st Century. Yet as this day comes upon us, this 2nd Sunday in May, many will think on her through tear stained eyes, for she is no longer with us.

So it is with humble and caring thoughts we pray for our mothers today. They are faced with tremendous problems — sons wanting to be ‘bigger than their boots’ — daughters who have never taken the words of St Paul seriously “Don’t let the world fashion you into its mould”, and for those fathers who leave it all to Mum.

So we pray for all who have the responsibility of raising up children, fathers, grandparents, aunties and friends who contribute to our children’s welfare. God bless them all.

This is our prayer, Through Jesus Christ our Lord — Amen

 April 2006 

Eternal God, Father of us all, we are glad of the brisk morning air, the early fog, the sun as it breaks through into another glorious Autumn day.  As we enjoy our breakfast, the smell of coffee, the crunch of our toast, we find it easy to be happy and be full of the joy of living.

 So with the love of family and friends, we are able to face yet another day of living out the teachings of Him who came to serve.  May we have a kind word to those who annoy us, for they may not see the colour of the autumn leaves but only the drudgery of cleaning up.

 As the season will gently lead us on to a cold and sometimes inhospitable winter, so our thoughts are with those whose years are in “The Winter of their time”.  Encourage all who share their life with those who need caring, may we support them in their noble endeavours and be a servant to them.

 For the youth in our care we pray that we may encourage them to be steadfast and be free from deadening unbelief and purposeless living, free from vulgar tastes and sensual deeds.  As your spirit changed the face of this world through the young Carpenter of Nazareth, so may some youth in our day respond to your call having undimmed eyes, being undiscouraged with world events, having their hearts set on fire for your kingdom may they go about their daily lives doing the common tasks with an extraordinary spirit.

This is our prayer through Jesus Christ our Lord.   Amen.

 March 2006 

Eternal God --- Father of us all.  The world events of the past months leave us bewildered and uncertain.  We are not too sure if You are in control of our lives --- but we forget that you have given us free will and the ability to determine the direction that we should go.

O God, forgive us for the shallowness of our petitions; for asking as little children do wanting this and the other.  So often we pray for that which is already ours, neglected and unappropriated; so often for that which can never be ours; so often for that which we must win for ourselves; and then labour endlessly for that which can only come to us in prayer.

In the quietness of our minds we ask that you search our minds and hearts for we love to do your will; and to seek your kingdom first of all.  Sweep away our fears, our compromise and our weakness, and help us to live courageously and valiantly in this world.

In the name of Christ we pray.

 February 2006 

Eternal God who is with us in every moment of our lives -- yet we fail to comprehend the significance of this wonder, may we again learn the value and experience your fellowship.

For the young children who this month set out on the voyage of schooling may they be guided and led by those who place a high value on their calling as teachers.

For those who will enter the work force, may they have the spirit that they are not only building a future for themselves but for this nation.

For those who have planed for years the retirement that they now enter into, may they have a long and peaceful time.

God you have been our strong arm amid sorrow when we have mourned the loss of loved ones and we wonder just how we can cope, but we are grateful that we have been sustained by prayer and kind friends.

For those who are near the terminus of their journey, may the fellowship of family, friends and your Spirit be a source of strength and comfort.

And for us all, grant that we may show the community who we are and whom we serve.

In the name of Jesus we pray,  Amen.  

 December 2005 


 Let us be still for a moment - 
a time of quietness - before we pray.

 We come into the calm of God’s presence bringing our restless lives to Him.  Quieten the great noise of our living, make quiet the turmoil of our stormy spirits, smooth the irritations of our troubled hearts.

Let quietness and responsiveness open our doors to Him. We need to be hushed that we may hear “That still small voice” within us  ..... and so we pray.


 Eternal God, we are thankful for the happy and cleansing memories of Christmas, for the renewed faith they bring in friendship’s fidelity and loves power; for names recalled of old and young upon whose remembrance we are grateful for affection given us more than we deserved.  For those who long ago made Christmas beautiful; for little children, who in their own way teach us that love and affection has no bounds or demands.

We pray for all homes in every nation, for mothers who cradle their infants, for all hungry children, all unwanted children, for the innocent upon whom fall the iniquities of the world, and as we pray, so may we give.  In this happy and joyous season when we call “Lord, Lord” may we remember his warning, and do the will of His Father in heaven.

We pray for all of the parliaments of this most fortunate nation of ours.  May the spirit of goodwill and understanding be shared will all their members not only in this season but may it continue into the years ahead.

Therefore, may this season speak to us in our hopes and ideals.  Save us from conformity with the low standards of this age.  Grant us higher thoughts of Christ’s purpose for us, a nobler meaning of life’s meaning, loftier goals for our devotion, worthier aims for our aspirations.

Now because we have prayed to you, our God, may the character and mission of Jesus, the ends for which he lived and died, grow vivid in our thoughts and in our lives.  May we arise above our meaner selves, outgrow our littleness, and render some Christ like service to the world.

This is our prayer through Jesus Christ our Lord; and may the whole world say - Amen.

 November 2005 

Eternal God we are so much aware of our limitations that we become reticent to launch out and explore new  directions ---- a new  careers --- a new expansion of our faith; but sometimes we are just plain lazy, comfortable with the status quo and our lives are the same today as they were 20 years ago.  May the changes that face us and the needs of others revitalise us to attempt to live again and to make our lives an example of Your spirit within us as it was years ago.

We pray for the peace of the world.  Save us not only from our sins but also from our follies.  Teach us the futility and insanity of violence.  Lead us under wise and strong guidance into ways of peace, decency, and humaneness.  Save us from the indulged luxury of meanness of spirit and from the love of retaliation and may the peace of God rule in all our hearts.

Cast down every barrier that shuts us from our fellow men. Make us one with all humankind, children of one Father, begotten of one God, living in one planetary home, destined to one common goal.  Across the lines of race, class, nation and creed our prayer goes out.

We pray for better understanding and co-operation between the world’s religions, guide us to have a sympathetic insight and to look below the surface into the hearts of all who worship God.  Be with every Buddhist soul seeking to discover the Divine; with every Moslem heart sincerely trying to do God’s will, with every Hebrew mind endeavouring to make real to this generation the high ideals of righteousness, which his prophets proclaimed.  Now let your benediction rest on all who call themselves Christian, of what ever name or sign.

In the Spirit of Christ we make our prayer.   Amen.

(Excerpts taken from a collection of prayers by Harry E. Fosdick (1878-1969) Minister of The Riverside Church New York)

 October 2005 

In Preparation For Prayer

And just before we pray –

Many things have happened during the past weeks and we have all been touched in various ways.

For some it has been a time of enjoying our children being on holidays with them.

Others are facing up to new tasks that not only involve themselves but others.

And some have problems that are so personal that no voice can be heard, only deep sighs.

  Let us be quiet for a moment and say this prayer for all.

  Eternal Spirit, you are the source of all that is excellent.  Inspire us this day as though the sun of a new spiritual springtime has shone upon us.

Carry us out of inner darkness and gloom into light, out of our deadness of heart into life, out of barrenness into fruitfulness and the promise of a good harvest.

We thank you for mothers and fathers, for homes where fidelity and good will have made life beautiful, for friends whom we have loved and known, and for friends unknown.

 God of all, it is only on occasions that we acknowledge that we live in a land that “flows with milk and honey” and in comparison with many other countries, we are rich.

 We are well housed, well clothed, well fed and we live in harmonious relations with our neighbours.  In times of natural disasters, we support each other.  We take all of these benefits because that is the way we have always lived, and we are a ‘happy go lucky’ race of people.

May the recent happenings in our world cause us to think of extending our responsibilities in ways which we may be able to contribute to the well being of others, and show us ways that we can work to improve the stability your world.

Through Jesus Christ Our Lord.  Amen.

 September 2005 

Fathers, Grandfathers, Dads-to-be: and those amongst us who live out the role of being a substitute father --- this our prayer for you. (Remembering on Father's Day)

Lord, bless these men: some of them delight in their fathering; for others it's hard, perhaps very hard, and they're wounded. Hear our confession of sin, of failure, of ignorance. Help us - all of us - to forgive our own fathers for their faults and failings. But Lord, we are not responsible for them, but for ourselves. Help these Dads to love their children's mother. May they be good role models in their homes and in their communities, leading their children to a living faith in the living God. And when the Great Day comes and we stand before you, our heavenly Father, may we hear you say, 'Well done, good and faithful father. Your children have delighted in you and you are eternally blessed.'

And all the people said.


 August 2005 

Eternal God whom we call Our Father, we are so glad of the memories that we have of our life’s journey; even those amongst us who are young enjoy happy never to be forgotten memories.  We acknowledge that we are who and what we are not only because of our genes, but because of the influences of many people who have shaped our minds, our character and how we act and interact with our fellows.  For all the influences that make us what person we are, help us to be an on-going influence upon those whom we meet, that they may see the out-working of your Spirit in our lives.

  So we come to prayer not forgetting our brothers and sisters in the wider world.  Father of all people, who has said that we cannot love you unless we love our fellow citizens also, we would come bringing them with us in our hearts, compassion and goodwill.  Before we seek forgiveness, help us to be forgiving; before we ask for mercy, help us to be merciful.  Take from our hearts the hidden grudge, the secret vindictiveness, the lurking hate.  Give us a universal and inclusive spirit of sympathy and understanding.  From all bigotry and prejudice of race and class deliver us.  Teach us what it means to care even for those who despitefully use us, and so abiding in love may we abide in you. 

  In the great game of life help us to remember that we too have to spend our lives in usefulness for others, so then when our jar of MARBLES IS EMPTY may we still enjoy the future of whatever life has for us.

  Now send us out with a glad and joyous heart because we have made this our prayer.

Through Jesus Christ Our Lord.    Amen

 July 2005 

In the quietness of our room, we think of many things, the thoughts of which are so private that voice can never articulate but we have this strange --- almost indefinable, experience that God does and can speak to us, not in words that we can hear but in the affairs of the world and in our own dealings with those in whom we love and share this life.  It is the internal witness of God’s spirit with our spirit.

  So let us be quiet for a moment, then read this prayer, firstly for ourselves and then for others.

  Eternal Spirit, we are glad for all that makes life rich and beautiful, with gratitude we remember our homes and the affection and loyalty of our families.  Gratefully we think of our friends and their comforting and sustaining fidelity.

Now be with us as we go about this task of making goodness attractive, give us grace and radiance.  May we make doing the right thing lovable because of what we are.  Forgive us that we should ever misrepresent Christ, that the world should not see Him in us. Lift us up until the faith we practise shall sing in our lives.

O God, let some faith and hope and love come to help every soul that seeks to do your will.

Through Jesus Christ we pray.  Amen

 June 2005 

Eternal God, deep beyond our understanding and high above our imagining, we pray to you that you will come to us in the experience of inner power.

We ask not for easy lives, but for adequacy.  We ask not to be freed from storms, but the will to build houses on rock that will not fall.  We pray not for a smooth sea, but for a stout ship, a good compass, and a strong heart to sail. 

O God discover us with the resources of your power that we may be strong to win.

We ask this in the strong name of Jesus the Christ.  Amen

 May 2005 


 Eternal God on this special day in the month of May, most of us think lovingly on the mother who brought us into the world.  As we become older there comes to each of us tender and sacred feelings that can only reside in our hearts, for no tongue can never articulate that special emotion that we feel towards our mother.

Some can recall the hymns and the prayers that our mother taught us, and the instruction that has been imbedded into our character, making us the person we are today.

O God, we have never seen or heard You, yet we have had a glimpse of the outward manifestation of Your love to us through our mother.  Enable us to live and proclaim Your love to the world not only by what we say, but by what we do.

For all Mothers we pray, those who have just started the joy and responsibility of motherhood, for those in the following months who are preparing themselves and their families for the glad event.  For those who have had to face the difficulties of life not being able to bear children, and those who face a long and difficult road caring for children who have enormous problems. 

We pray for all who share in the mothering of the young, for grandmothers, aunties and friends who sustain us, and for Christ over all who is able to guide us.

In His name we pray.    Amen.

 April 2005 

O God our God, once more we reflect on the fortunate life that has been ours as we live in this community. 

We have been blessed many times by the continual support of friends who have shaped the pathways of our lives.

We are glad of the opportunity to return the love that has made us one, life would not be the same without our friends.

 March 2005 

Eternal God, we are glad for this day and for all the days of our lives.  Some we would prefer to forget, yet they have been a lesson for us, unforgettable experiences that lurk in the background of our memories, yet wisely used they have been the stepping stones of our development. 

So we are glad of the friends who helped and supported us in our time of need, the people who packed our parachute.

This is our prayer through Jesus Christ we pray.  Amen

 February 2005 

Eternal God, Father of all, many of us have been refreshed by our holidays.  We have met with family and friends, we have enjoyed our children, thought about their past year and we hope for another year of progress and growth in their lives.

For those times when we have failed to be our best, we are sorry.  We ask for a “Clean heart and a right spirit” as we have entered into a new year.

Save us from self-deceit, mean excuses, unworthy evasions.  Prepare us with inner integrity and spiritual resource, that we may be adequate for all that lies before us.

Now confirm within each of us some worthy decision.  Bring us into this year with a vision of our duty and a determination to perform it - and  whether in this year ahead we live or fall on sleep, we shall not be found dishonoured and ashamed before you, this is our heartfelt prayer.

In Jesus' name we pray.  Amen.

 January 2005 

Eternal God, our Father we have enjoyed the time that this festive season affords us, to enjoy the companionship and love of  friends and family.

Now we start once again to commence another year.  Although we are curious as to what 2005 may have in store for us, we are reminded of the old hymn which says "One step is enough for me".

O God, in these difficult and uncertain times when nations cannot resolve their own domestic problems, let alone collective international disputes, save us from being smug, criticizing other nations - when we tend to become judge and jury - whilst sitting in the comfort and safety in our own homes.

Instead, may we be like Him who has called us to cast down every barrier that shuts us from our fellows.  Make us one with all mankind, children of one Father, begotten of one God, living in one planetary home, destined to one common goal.

So our prayer goes out for every Jew, Gentile and Muslim for all have been made in your image.  May multitudes be happier because through praying for these petitions, we have gone forward to put our prayers into deeds.

This is our prayer through Jesus Christ our Lord.


 December 2004 

Eternal God, Father of all people’s, lovingly addressed by countless millions as “Our Father”, we gladly come into this happy and joyous season again, reminding ourselves of the implications for the world because of what happened in Bethlehem so many years ago.

As we meet with family and friends, sharing the rich experiences of each, we also remember those who will not be with us on this occasion and never again.

We think of the “Possessed” - those who are caught up with the never-ending task of being acquisitive and never have their needs filled. 

We think of the “Dispossessed” - those who in the unfortunate scheme of things have been forsaken by family, friends and the community at large by their anti-social behaviour and see no reason to change.

We think of the “Oppressed” - those who by the colour of their skin, accent, gender, faith, physical aberrations, political views, have found no “Manger” in which to shelter.

As we think of these people, may not only our prayers for them be said, but something of our substance be given.

Through Jesus Christ our Lord.  Amen.

 October 2004 

Eternal God --- God of all peoples, places and seasons --- we are grateful for the changing seasons, the winter which brings snow and rain, and the warmth of friendly fires around which friends and family gather.

Now for the Spring which assures in new life, lambs in the paddocks and little calves on the farm.  For all the blessings of this life we enjoy, for health, friends and family.

Yet even so, for some, the dark clouds of winter where no sun can penetrate are still with us.  Help those who find themselves in this unfortunate position.  May the God who is within and about us be a source of sustaining power.

For those who sit in our parliaments, we pray that they may be mindful of their enormous responsibility making their decision not according what may be best for their party but what is best for it's people.

May we all go about our business of living, remembering that we are God's people?  Through Jesus Christ we pray.  Amen

 September 2004 

Eternal God, as we endeavour to draw near to You, we know we are not skilled in the art of prayer.  We lack the ability to express the deepest emotions that lie hidden in our hearts.

Sometimes in such moments we have no polished phrases with which to impress one another, no finely moulded, delicately turned clauses to present to You.

O God, we know that deep within us we are praying the most when we are saying the least, and we know we are closest to You when we have left behind us the things that have held us captive so long.

So help us in our thoughts about You and for the world.   Enable us to be caretakers with You, by prayer and by doing those things that Your Son would have us do, this we ask in His name,   Amen


 August 2004 

Eternal God, before we become involved in the routine of the coming month, we pause to seek your help.
Although we are experienced in the ways of people, we know all too little of the ways of God.

Turn our wayward minds and hearts to you, forgive the faults and failures of the past and set us free from them. 
Forgive, O God, our failure to apply to ourselves the standards of conduct we demand of others.
Forgive our slowness to see the good in our fellows and to see the unkindly spirit that we so often exhibit in ourselves.

In our differences may we be kind; in our agreements may we be humble, so that in our living, we may act as your true people.

 Through Jesus Christ we pray.  Amen.

 July 2004 

Eternal God, forgive us that we fret and worry about small things that really do not matter.  We become so occupied with trivia that things of importance do not enter our mind.

Help us to be mindful of our friends, neighbours, the people with whom we work, those who care for our children -- for   we are all your children.

So help us in our daily affairs, that we may be good examples of Him who called us to be his followers.

This is our prayer, Through Jesus Christ we pray.


 June 2004 

Eternal God, Father of Our Lord Jesus Christ, and our Father. You are behind all creation, much of which we understand and enjoy, but an enormous amount leaves us speechless, full of awe.  We come to you, you are the sustainer and the reason of our being.

 We thank you for all of those who make our life secure, our spouses, children and relatives, for friends, those with whom we work, the folk down our street; for without the affection and goodwill of these people our life would be meaningless.  Help us to honour their trust in us by being the person whom they can trust.

 Be with us the coming weeks; be the source of inspiration for each day.

 May the winter rains bring some relief to our drought stricken area's.  For those who find this time of the year unbearable because of health, may the warmth of friends and the companionship around the lounge room fire bring a glow within.

 Through Jesus Christ our Lord we pray.  Amen

 April 2004 

Almighty God, each of us in our own place would like to be part of a better world, and all of us together can help to build it.

Through our work, our relationships, our conversations, help us to lift the mind, tone, and hope of all the possibilities before us.

O God help us to bring out the best in each other, to confirm the best in our human nature, and to give priority to the best in all our interactions with one another.

We pray this prayer through Jesus Christ our Lord.   Amen.

  From  “The deeper longings of the mind and heart”  Francis Macnab

 March 2004 

O God of infinite beauty and creative wonder, we pause to contemplate the wideness of your creation.  The change of the seasons as they merge one following the other to bring us to a different atmosphere, a change in nature's colour, night fall coming earlier and the balmy weather that follows summer.  Truly we have inherited a world that as far as we understand, there is none like as ours.

For the rich beauty of the artist's brush --- for music that searches our very souls --- for husband, wife, mother, father and children and for dear friends who understand us a little better than we do ourselves --- yet in spite of our rudeness and sometimes an uncooperative nature, their warmth of friendship has never faltered.

For all the blessings that we have been heir to, we are grateful.  Help us in all our dealings with each other, in all our affairs in private matters, church, community and nation, that we may be better people because of our deep understanding of you.

This we pray through Jesus Christ our Lord ---- and all the people said ----  Amen.

 February 2004 

Eternal God, it is with gratitude that we have celebrated this Australia day.  We remember the pioneers who have established this nation, the systems, which have been a source of direction over the few yet important years of our beginnings.  For all that has been bequeathed to us, given that we might invest ourselves and our communities in the further development of this nation.

We are truly the lucky country, help us all to be participators, helping each other in times of difficulty, happy together in times of rejoicing.  May we be mindful of our heritage.

We pray for our parliaments, both state and federal.  Forgive us that we so often criticize our elected leaders when it suites us and neglect and fail to acknowledge the good that they achieve.  In the years that lay ahead, may our nation take its place in the world justifying the hope of our ancestors?

 January 2004 

Eternal God, we thank you for the past year, with it's joy and all the beauty of those times where the bonds of friendships were stronger than the forces that would assail us. 

For good friends, for books and for music and art that has inspired us, now confirm within us some worthy decision.

Bring to us the new year's beginning with such vision of our duty, and such resolution to perform it, and such resources for its consummation, that whether in this year ahead we live or 'fall on sleep', we shall not be dishonoured and ashamed before you.

Through Jesus Christ we pray.     Amen

 December 2003 

Eternal God, so often we think in our human small terms, only to be reminded that you are not to be confined by our mortal thinking and narrow ways.  Help us we pray, to rise above our small self interests and ascend to a higher plane where our spirits are able to meditate with your spirit.

We, so often make our time of prayer as though we are going to our large super market asking for this and that.

We are not unlike the peoples in other places who, on seeing sailing ships come into shore bringing goods from distant places, from unknown strangers, have developed a “The Cargo Ship” mentality of wishful thinking and consumerism of religious practice, when it should be a time of refreshing fellowship with the God of all creation.

So as we enter into this time of goodwill to all people, may we be among those who show their care in practical ways of service, remembering it was the Christ Child who came into the world to serve.

In the name of Jesus the Christ we pray.   Amen

 November 2003 

We are thankful for those people who have been role model in our lives.  For parents who nurtured us when we were helpless, for the close family of relatives who made us theirs and for friends, without which life would be meaningless and empty.

So we pray that your human family may remember that we are all dependent upon each other, and to help each other to find the source of inner peace.

Though Jesus Christ our Lord we pray.   Amen

 October 2003 

Eternal God, we admit that we rush in to correct our younger generation; we forget that we were guilty of acts that were not worthy as sons and daughters of your family. 

Help us, we pray, to lead by example rather than by “pious injunctions”, and in the time of sensible rebuke may we exercise it with a kindly spirit.

Through Christ our Lord who forgave all manner of indiscretions.    Amen



Tribute to Tom

Vale Tom Straughair

I mourn the sudden death of my friend and fellow church member Tom Straughair.  He went into hospital on the Saturday, and died at 12.15am on the Tuesday - 2 May 2006.  Tom was diagnosed with pneumonia and aggressive leukemia.

Tom was the instigator and a driving force behind the setting up of this web site.  Tom wrote most of the prayers and would write or source the 'Thought for the Month' for the 'Just a Moment' page.

It was Tom's idea that there should be a 'Touch of Humour' to this site - Hot News & Humour page.  He felt that Christians should be seen as having a sense of humour, not just all serious and sombre.

Tom believed that Warragul Uniting Church should have a web site.  He approached me with his ideas.  During 2002, Tom and I (with some input from others), worked together on setting up this site.  The counter on the Home Page shows that we have been on the internet since 3 September 2002.  During the intervening years, we have worked on improving and adding to the site - encouraged also and given ideas by comments both verbally and by email.

We wanted a friendly, easily navigated site that would encourage people to visit more than once.  Tom approached John Bodycomb, who then provided him with sermons/talks to add to our 'Food For Thought' page.

Prior to the formation of the Uniting Church, Tom and I were both members (in different congregations) of the Congregational church.  Elements of our shared faith history were also a source of strength in the bond of friendship between Tom and myself.  I shall miss his thoughtful, kindly, encouraging support.

Web-master: Lindsay




An email to the Web-master:


I have just received this from John Bodycomb and thought you may be interested.  I think it would be good if there was an obituary on the Church Website as Tom was one of the instigators of it and his effort with the prayers will be hard to replace.



From John Bodycomb:

Oh, Euan, what can I say?  I am deeply grieved to learn of this -- although I cannot claim to be surprised.  I have picked up hints 'between the lines' so to speak, that all was not well.  Tom was the kind of man I have treasured in congregations here and overseas -- who I could wish were 'cloned' over and over.  He was a genuine exemplar of what I find best in Congregationalism.

When I came into faith at nineteen and saw my minister to find what was required for admission to church membership, I asked, "Are there some creeds, catechisms and whatnot that I should bone up on?"  He looked devastated.  When he had recovered his composure, he said, "Oh, John, we're not that kind of church."  After a pause he said, "All we ask is that you accept Jesus as Lord and seek to live a life in conformity therewith."

That, of course, is rather more daunting than mugging up on pat answers to a slate of questions.  And that is what made Congregationalism not easy -- but demanding, if any of us were to try to take it seriously.  My impression was that Tom was very close to that idea of what it was all about, and I will treasure the memory of him.  

I would appreciate it if you could convey to those who miss him my sympathy with them.

 Blessings on you. 


At the invitation of Tom Straughair, John Bodycomb has earlier provided this web site with numerous sermons/talks, which can be found on the Food for Thought page.

The FUNERAL SERVICE for Tom Straughair was held at St Andrew's Uniting Church, Warragul at 11.00am, Thursday 11 May 2006.

Tom's life was celebrated, with remembrances by family and friends.  His devotion as a husband, father and grandfather, his 'quirky' sense of humour; his commitment and passion towards the many projects he undertook including car restoration, building model railways and commencing the local community radio station 3BBR-FM; his steadfast Christian faith and his caring for and reaching out, to his fellow travelers along the road of life.