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    New Crossover for our Church Entry  


To provide ease of entry and egress—with twice the width, sweeping curves and gentle incline, with a smoother road transition. It will improve safety, especially when there is a large volume of vehicles (such as at funerals); and provide for buses and large vehicles to turn left from the property (not presently feasible).


The driveway crossover project is scheduled to commence 15th or 16th January 2018.  Depending upon the weather, etc., we expect NOT to have access to the new entry for Sunday 21st January, but sometime during the following week (for cars).  Heavy vehicles—trucks, buses will need to keep off for a longer period.

(modified Engineer's drawing)

TEMPORARY ACCESS—During Construction

A single lane Entry / Exit will be marked out, east of our Sutton Street notice boards.
Alternatively, you may park in the Friend Street vicinity and enter via the back gate, or you may park in Sutton Street, and walk up the driveway.


The project includes:-  To supply all permits, excavation, traffic management, labour and materials; to remove existing crossover (between footpath and kerbing) and remove 21 metres of existing kerb; Replace with new Crossing (150mm thick concrete with reinforcing) and 21 metres of new “gentle profile” kerb.


This project has been over two years in the planning.  A few days of possible inconvenience during January 2018 will soon pass, and all will be able to enjoy driving the new entry.


    What Nourishes You This Christmas?     

As Australians, we live in the driest continent on the earth, and we are beginning to understand how precious water is.  Water can transform a landscape from virtual desert, to lush green farms with fruit trees and gardens, almost overnight.  If you have spent any time driving along the Murray River, you will pass kilometre after kilometre of citrus trees and vineyards - all watered from the life giving waters of the Murray River.        

They are a startling witness to the transformation that can happen when water is available, and used wisely.  Irrigation can make the desert green, and enable it to produce abundant fruits.  However, as you drive away from the river, you quickly see what the landscape looks like without water - it turns from lush green to marginal brown - almost in an instant.

In the vast inland expanses of our country, rivers, and dry river beds are marked by twisting and winding lines of trees.

These lines of trees often stand in stark contrast to the surrounding country side - for they are the places where water is available that nourishes the life in trees, and allows them to grow and mature.

So what nourishes your life?  What feeds your soul?  What gives energy and substance to your living?  There are many things we can draw nourishment and satisfaction from - such as money, power, influence, and maybe our accumulated stuff.  But these sources of satisfaction tend to be fleeting and temporary, and lack any deep sense of fulfilment, or meaning, other than to serve themselves.  They certainly can make our lives easier in some areas, but they are not life giving of themselves.

For all people, there is one common source of nourishment that gives energy, and substance, and purpose - the love of God - and the fruit of that nourishment, is love.  If we really love other people as Jesus loves us, then it will show in how we live.  We will look for the good in other people, and we will forgive their deficiencies - just as we hope they will forgive ours.  Love is the one common source of life, the one common fruit.

The fruits we bear are many.  Some of us may produce sweet navel oranges, while others produce wrinkly sweet sultanas.  Some may produce juicy mangoes on a lush tree, while others produce small and tasty loganberries from a rather prickly vine.  Some of us produce large hands of golden bananas, while others ripen tangy lemons.

Bearing fruit, and being thankful for the fruit we bear, is one of the hallmarks of a healthy, mature, and fulfilled person - someone with direction and purpose.  If we put down deep strong roots into the love of God - we will produce fruits of compassion, and humility, and grace, which will not only be of benefit to us, but also to our friends, our families, and our communities.

Each Sunday we are encouraged to tap into God’s Word - to take time to connect with God, and try to understand how God operates in the world - to put down strong roots into the wisdom of God - and then - to use that wisdom to nourish our lives, and to give energy and substance to our living.  Tapping into the life source of God - allowing our roots to drink from the pure stream of God’s love, and using that to nourish our lives, will bring fruits of meaning, purpose, and a deep sense of joy that will hold us through the tough times that may come our way.

At this time of year, it’s appropriate to take a moment think about what nourishes your life?  What feeds your soul?  What gives energy and substance to your living?  It’s also a time to wish each other joy, and delight, and gladness - but most of all - to wish each other the peace of God, deep within your being this Christmas.

    Peace, Rev. Bruce Wood.


    Catering Committee Report    


Our hard working catering committee has had a very busy year

The people who staff our church kitchen, have catered for Anniversaries, Birthdays, Funerals, Eisteddfods, Parties, Presbytery Events and more.

Behind the scenes, those in charge are able to call upon a willing team of workers, who will prepare and supply “food to order” from their own kitchens.

So that you are aware of where the money goes, the Catering Team has over the past couple of years, contributed the following monies (shown at the right) to the running and upkeep of our Church and made a number of donations.

A huge vote of thanks goes to the work of the Catering Committee and all who support their work.

Garden Mulch


Playground Softfall


Linemarker & Paint


Concrete Ramp (Manse)


Worship Space Blackout Curtains


Repairs Skylight & Side Windows


Removal Flax Sutton St


New Water Meter & Plumbing


New Cage for Water Meter


Replace Kitchen Boiling Water Unit


Donation to Samaritans Purse


Donation to Vanuatu Container


Donation to Vanuatu Appeal


Donation to Frontier Services


Donation to Chaplaincy Fund



    Men's Group Finale     


On Tuesday 5 December we finished the year with a celebration of the men in our Church and the broader community.  Over 35 men enjoyed the fellowship and a special ’Dessert and Coffee’ provided by the ladies of our church.  Music followed with two songs from Alan supported by Joy on Piano.  Alan's singing was much appreciated by our men.

Our guest speaker was Dr John Farmer OAM who shared his experiences of working with Eye Care Papua New Guinea over the past 35 years.  That work has resulted in improved eye health to thousands of people and more trained New Guinean health professionals.  

Dr John Farmer was awarded the Medal of the Order of Australia (OAM) in this year's Australia Day Honours for his exemplary work in the field of optometry.  John shared his insights into Christian service and how we can make a difference in other peoples lives (one person at a time).  A retiring offering for the work of Eye Care in PNG raised $350.

The men's group thank all those who supported this event.


  Standing in Solidarity    

Christians around Australia, from many denominations, together with many other sympathetic people, have consistently called for our nation to have compassion on the women, men and children who have spent far too long in the Refugee Camps.  The recent actions on Manus have deepened our concern.  On the First Sunday of Advent 2017 some of us stood in solidarity as a sign of hope for the common humanity offered by the coming Christ child.                    Submitted by Eric Smith on behalf of the group.


  Playgroup News    


After our fun with Nursery Rhymes the focus of the children’s play was Pets, with visiting dogs and cats and making our own with paper plates.  Hillary, the puppy who came with her carer will be a “seeing-eye dog” when she is trained.  To help this important service we collected $55.00 for Vision Australia.  Thanks to everyone who contributed.

Spring time creations

Next, we all practiced emergency procedures and learnt about the C.F.A. through colouring pictures, making fuzzy felt scenes, sharing stories and songs.  Safety is important at Playgroup.

Now that December is here we are preparing for Christmas and look forward to our end of year party on the 21st December.  Playgroup Leaders, Parents and Carers and Children thank all those who have helped and encouraged us through the year.  We wish everyone peace and joy at Christmas and through the year ahead.



Watch out for the
UnitingCare Christmas tree
in your local Target store


Everybody is welcome
for an evening of fellowship with
a very friendly group of women

Wednesday 13th December

The Railway Hotel at 6pm

Women on Wednesdays


Our Empty Christmas Tree

Can you help us to fill our Empty Christmas Tree?

It is preferred that gifts be unwrapped and placed
around the tree.  The gifts can then be appropriately
distributed to spread the joy of Christmas.



 Exercises for People Over 50   

Worth doing if you have eaten too much Christmas Fare!!

Begin by standing on a comfortable surface, where you have plenty of room at each side

With a 2kg potato bag in each hand, extend your arms straight out from your sides and hold them there as long as you can.

Try to reach a full minute, and then relax.

Each day you'll find that you can hold this position for just a bit longer.

After a couple of weeks, move up to 5kg potato bags.

Then try 10kg potato bags and then eventually try to get to where you can lift a 50kg potato bag in each hand and hold your arms straight for more than a full minute.

(I'm at this level.)

After you feel confident at that level, put a potato in each bag.