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Page Update 24 June 2022

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JUNE 2022 

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Garden Tidy-up
Saturday Morning

25 June from 10am

Come along - help us keep our church gardens looking great!


Warragul Uniting Church
Men's Group
next meeting

2nd Tuesday each month @ 7.30pm

Open to all men in WUC (and friends) so whether you’ve been a regular member over the years or have never attended you are most welcome to join us.


All women welcome

We have changed from
an evening to a daytime meal


Enjoy a Lunch-time meal time of fellowship
with a very friendly group of women

at The Downtowner,55 Victoria St Warragul

2nd Wednesday each month, 12.30pm



 < < < Pentecost Sunday (June 5)

was the first of our Messy Churches,
but watch out for exciting developments
in the coming weeks and months.

 News from our Church Council     

At the last meeting held on Wednesday 15th June, many items were discussed and these are the items agreed on:-

1.     Air purifiers: we have been researching the need for air purifiers in both the worship area and activities area given the ongoing threat of Covid and influenza viruses. Science shows that the danger of contracting a virus in an enclosed area is lessened if the air is being filtered with an appropriate system. This does not exclude the need to maintain social distancing, and for those concerned, wearing a mask, but it does add to the safety of the congregation.  As an administrative body, church council has a duty of care to the people using the church premises in addition to providing a safer area for those concerned about viruses and allergies.  The council agreed to purchase three purifiers that will be adequate for the area required. These purifiers cost $2517 and have now arrived. They should be up and running by the next Sunday service.  

2.     Vanuatu: the council received a request from the Sharm Foundation for a donation of $2,000 to provide for desk and chairs plus library refurbishment in Vanuatu. The donation will go via Warragul Rotary where it will be matched with dollar-for-dollar grants. These funds come directly from the monthly coin donation. Big thanks to the congregation.

3.     Finances: The Treasurer, Stan, reported that we are running around $6,000 below budget while the property manager, John, reported that the cost of keeping the building in shape is increasing each year. John also told us that the heater in the hallway, near the kitchen, needed a new flue kit. The cost of assessing this (that is, to get a quote) would be over $1,000 with the actual repair cost unknown. The council decided to decommission the heater at this stage. So, costs are going up and income is going down. If you can help at all it would be most appreciated.

4.     Office staff: after many years of service to the church, both Heather and Zandra will be retiring in the near future. It’s time to reassess our office needs and the opening times as we move into the future. The vacant position will be advertised first in our church newsletter once we have sorted out our requirements.

David (Chairperson)



From ABC Gippsland facebook, 21 May 2022

The Election Day BBQs are still sizzling across Gippsland!

At the polling booth at Warragul Uniting Church, in the seat of Monash, they’re raising funds for Act for Peace, to help those affected by the invasion of Ukraine.

Judy, Geoff, Meryl and Bruce are manning the BBQ this afternoon.

“We decided that on a democracy day, it would be a really good idea to stand up for democracy in Ukraine as well,” Geoff said.

They’re keeping it simple with a sausage in a piece of bread, with the option of adding onion.

“We even give people the opportunity to say whether they want the onion on the bottom or the onion on the top… we’re very democratic!”

They expect to serve 300 sausage sandwiches by the time polls close at 6pm.



Warmest Greetings,

As the winds of change blow an icy arrival to the season of winter and we think about more indoor plans than outside ones, we are grateful that our Ukraine – Act for Peace fundraiser was blessed with sunshine.   A chilly start found some alternate uses for the warmth of the BBQ, but we were also blessed with a warm reception from most people going by and a very generous response from the community.  More snags had to be bought, and the amount cleared was over a $1,000. It was also a great chance to show the church at work serving the community and inviting others to join us in helping to care where it’s so desperately needed.

Thanks to all who planned and played a part!

The next opportunity for us to engage with the wider community, doing something to promote understanding and reconciliation with our first nations community.  As it’s winter, we have planned a warm Sunday afternoon, in the church, to see a movie about Bob Randall, aboriginal elder and stolen generations member talking about his life and the Pitjantjatjara concept of care and interconnectedness known as Kanyini.  There’s more information on the flyer (below), but please join us for an approachable and warm-hearted story, some afternoon tea and fellowship.


It’s a great chance to invite others and spread the really important message. 

As some things in our church life continue  normally, and some others struggle with numbers and we look to the future and new beginnings, it’s all in the context of our ongoing pandemic.

We need to keep on looking after ourselves and one another.  Staying home when not too well, letting someone else take on our task when we aren’t 100%.  Keeping in touch and helping out where we can are hugely important too in caring for each other.  In warmer times, we’ve had a couple of windows open in church to help with airflow.  It’s one of the ’highly recommended’ measures for public spaces to reduce the risk of spreading airborne infection.

Open windows are not so welcome in winter.

We are fortunate to enjoy a great heating system to keep us warm.  It also recirculates the air inside, so the next thing to help us in this will be investing in some air-purifiers.  The aim of these is to clear the air we breath, taking out 99% of viruses, as well as dust, pollens etc.  It seems a little strange to be writing about this as part of the life of the church, but we can see it as another way we care for each other and provide a safe place for us to gather for worship and fellowship.  Changes in the air in more ways than one!

God give us the grace to keep embracing the changes we need to make to care for each other, the new things we need to adapt to and the opportunities each of them brings!

Grace and peace. Ian




 Have you ever wondered?     

Have you ever wondered what happens when you bring your used postage stamps to church??  The Office staff here at Warragul post or deliver the stamps you bring to church to “Sammy Stamp”, a Uniting Church fundraising group of volunteers.

Due to the continued support of church and community groups.  Despite the pandemic, 2021 was another year of good sales results.  Thanks to the helpers from the pool of about 25 volunteers who meet at 15 Black St. Brighton, to trim, sort and sell stamps, thereby raising funds to support many worthy causes such as these:- 

Chaplaincy ministry at Bendigo Hospital, Christmas Bowl Food vouchers for mental health clients, Clean water and toilets PNG & Solomon Islands, Frontier Services for bush chaplains, Swan Hill Uniting Church for “welcome nights” for refugees

These are just a sample of the beneficiaries of funds raised.
Total of grants since 1977 is $1,070,693. 

So please continue to save your used stamps.



  St Andrews Kindergarten Pie Drive     


Our St Andrews Kindergarten is running a pie drive to raise funds, and pie order forms are available from the Church and the kindergarten.

Orders need to be to the kinder by July 28th.



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  Two Little Boys       

After a heavy rainstorm filled all the potholes in the streets and alleys, a young mother watched through her kitchen window as her two little boys played in the puddles.

The elder of the two, a five year old lad, grabbed his sibling by the back of his head and shoved his face into the water hole.

As the boy recovered and stood laughing and dripping, the mother ran to the yard in a panic. 'Why on earth did you do that to your little brother?!' she asked as she shook the older boy in anger.

'We were just playing 'church' mummy,' he said. 'I was just baptizing the name of the Father, and the Son and in...the hole-he-goes.