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 An Audio Loop
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for people
with a 'T switch'
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hearing aids

Updated 9 December 2022

from our Church Diary


    December 2022
  Thu 1 9.30am Craft Group
  Sun 4


Worship Service

Communion/Coin--Day/Food Basket


Wed 7

3.30pm Trains in The Shed
    7.30pm Elders Gathering
  Thu 8 9.30am Craft Group
  Sun 11


Worship Service

  Tue 13


Men's Group Meeting 

  Wed 14 3.30pm Trains in The Shed


WOW @ The Downtowner

  Thu 15 9.30am Craft Group - Breakup


Service of Christmas Hope & Consolation

  Sat 17


Coffee @ Newmason

  Sun 18


Worship Service - 

  Christmas music: Hope and Love

  Sat 24


Christmas Eve Service -

 Carols, candles and stories for all ages




 EMPTY CHRISTMAS TREE - at our church 

 Donations for this appeal before the 16th December, please 


NOW Available


 Scroll down to Link 


All women welcome

An EVENING meal time of fellowship
with a very friendly group of women

at The Downtowner 55 Victoria St Warragul

2nd Wednesday each month, 6.30pm


Coffee at Newmason

3rd Saturday each month

Newmason, 25 Mason St, Warragul


Warragul Uniting Church
Men's Group
next meeting

2nd Tuesday each month @ 7.30pm

Open to all men in WUC (and friends) so whether youíve been a regular member over the years or have never attended you are most welcome to join us.


The Messy Christmas event on Sunday 27 November was a wonderful success!  Seventy adults and children were creative together, celebrating the story of Christís birth! 

 Messy Church is

o  a form of church for children and adults that involves creativity, celebration and hospitality.

o  primarily for people who don't already belong to another form of church.

o  Includes:

o  a welcome

o  a long creative time to explore the biblical theme through hands on fun and craft

o  a short celebration time involving story, prayer, song, games and similar

o  community sit down meal

Click here for more INFO.



Messy Greetings!

New life is all around us!

Itís Spring of course, and a soggy one. The blooming gardens and pollen laden air remind us that nature has cycles of new growth according to the season.

We too are planning and praying towards a season for new beginning and growing in our church.

A bit of a step back in history though first.  The end of October marks the day Martin Luther posted 95 theses on the door of the Castle Church in Wittenberg Germany. Itís recognized as the beginning of the Protestant Revolution.  Luther wanted to use truth and Biblical insight to help reshape a church that had drifted into some unhealthy practices.  Reformation was needed.  He knew that even though history and tradition were important, there would need to be an ongoing re-forming of the church.  It should fit the times and be faithful to Christís calling to be his hands and feet serving the world.

So, as we remember the benefits of the Reformation that Luther began, we might think a little about what shape our church has and the community it is placed in now.  Who does it serve, who is it accessible to?

We can question what are the basic structures that need to remain and we ponder on where new growth will take root.  These are big, in fact worldwide issues the Christian church is facing.   And new growth has been emerging in many places.  There is some serious theological thinking behind these new expressions of church. And, there is quite a history of reforming in the church too.

So we are looking to begin a new Messy Church here to give children and young families an opportunity to experience God and engage with church in a format geared to involvement and all age fun and learning.  We had a trial run at Pentecost with the Sunday morning congregation. Since then a planning team has been preparing and Ö

we will launch on November 27th 4 Ė 6pm

It will be the first Sunday of Advent and a great way to open up the meaning of Christmas for some new generations.

Thereís a Flyer attached here, thereís an information sheet to explain a bit about it for those who are interested.  We have policy guidelines and lots of tís crossed.

But we need you to pray, to pass on the news to friends, family, neighbors!  We believe there is a great opportunity for outreach and re-engagement here.  This new venture is for those not going to church, those who havenít fitted in with the time or form of what church has been doing and starting in a different place.  The 4pm start time and meal provided to conclude are aimed to fit with young families.  The focus is on meeting the Creator by exploring creativity and being part of community sharing, celebrating and eating together.

Below is a little reminder of some of the colourful experience of our Messy Church at Pentecost.


You might even think about who you could invite, or what you might like to do to help.  There will be lots of learning and trying things together.  I have a personal invitation letter for sending to families, if you think that would be helpful for someone you have in mind, let me know.  Word of mouth and personal encouragement are often most effective.

To gather interest we will have:

o Personal invitations will be sent to all playgroup families since 2017

o An "event" invitation will be put on WUC Facebook, Website and Instagram.

o Banners for display inside and outside the Church building

o Flyers will be made available to the Kinder Families & other groups using our church

o Flyers will be available to share.

We invite your prayers for the Spirit to encourage the curious to come and join us.  

As the Pentecost characters on the window remind us, church is something we do together, all of us different, all of us relying on each other to play our part in being the body of Christ here in Warragul.

We arenít nailing 95 complaints to the door, but we are looking for new life in new form of church.  The idea is to develop a regular Messy Church.  Exactly how often, how it works and who it embraces, we have yet to discover.  

It will be a journey we take together in faith!  10 am services will of course continue as normal.

The messy church model wonít be for everyone.  But it might be what many younger families need today.  It gives us some chance of relating the gospel to more in our community and gives kids the chance to hear about Godís love.  

The Census tells us over 50% of our local community have no church affiliation.  So we need these new ways to help the good news to get out, to be Ďgood newsí for us and our community.   

I pray you might be inspired to do a little bit to help.

Grace and peace.       Ian


  Christmas Bowl Appeal - 2022    


At the heart of our work is a powerful conviction: to create a just and peaceful society,
we have to work together.

It's not only the right thing to do, it's the only thing that will work.

Visit website:


  Christmas Day Lunch     


Christmas Day Lunch.  In the past before Covid, we Ďve had a group from 'outside' in the community who come in to a prepare a roast meal with all the Christmas fare, for those who are alone.  Once again for this Christmas Day, these folk are conducting Christmas Day lunch which will commence at 12.00 noon in our church Activities Room.

For information etc, please ring Marion Byrne on 0437278336


  Next Men's Group Meeting       


The final WUC menís group meeting for 2022 will be held at Warragul Uniting Church on
Tuesday 13 December from 7:30pm to 9.00pm.

Even if you havenít been able to make it to many meetings this year it would be great to see you there for some good conversation and fellowship.

We will have a shared supper and chat about arrangements for menís group into the future (including what format and timing suits us the best).

Please consider catching up with the good men of WUC.




Blooming Marvelous . . . was the bus trip on Friday Nov 4th.  There were 30 intrepid explorers, a cool clear day and a well organised itinerary, thanks to Tilly.

The Australia Gardens at Cranbourne is at itís floral peak in mid spring and the variety there is mind-bendingly huge!   Godís great creation to enjoy with some planning, design and horticultural help from the clever Botanical staff there.

On arrival at the gardens, most of us boarded the Ďtour trainí for a guided introduction to the gardens, which took about 30 minutes, then we were free to explore, lunch, or picnic as we wished and to meander with much to see and enjoy.

We boarded the bus for home, taking a scenic route, which included afternoon tea at Picnic Point, where the Tarago River was running quite high and fast.  Time for a group photo then home to Warragul Uniting Church.

We were pleased to know the bus was able to negotiate the Church driveway (which was a major concern when the driveway was being reconstructed earlier this year).

Thank you to our driver Sue for safe travel.  We look forward to our next bus trip  adventure!

In this photo, can you see the dinosaur?


  News from Church Council     


The Great Outback BBQ at the

State election Polling Place

at our Church

Come to the church on Saturday the 26th to vote, have a sausage and a cup of coffee. We will have a team cooking away from 7.30 am until around 4.00 pm plus Alex and Laura Maka will have their coffee caravan up and running for 7.30 am until around 1.00 pm and they will donate a percentage of their takings to our cause.  

At the May election day we were told that we were the only polling booth with a ďdemocracy sausageĒ, so get the word out to all and sundry.  Vote at the church and help raise money for the Victorian High Country Farmers. The BBQ will be part of Frontier Services Big BBQ.


*   Since the start of the pandemic we have moved the pews and chairs in the worship area to keep to the required distance as recommended by the health administration and, while it would be nice to reduce the area and sit closer together, the threat of two new Covid strains is still around. But there is another issue to consider, and I know that John Currie has talked on this subject, and that is the safety requirement to keep a clear, one metre, passage between the pews at both exit doors. Those are the double doors that lead to the grassed area on the northern side. So, even when we feel safe enough to move closer together, we still need to allow for this space.


*   Although we are still running the Zoom programme each Sunday, we are looking at better ways to stream our service and record it for those who cannot be available at 10.00 am, but would like to watch it later. Watch this space!


*   You may have noticed a heap of branches and foliage piled up at the rear car park. Well, Jack did a great job of pruning the rear area and those piles will be removed over a period of time.


*   Turning to finance, things are looking slightly better with an upturn in offerings and a very generous donation earlier this year. Our hall bookings have increased with some new hirers, and some returning people. Maybe we will get a little closer to budget by the end of the financial year.


*   At a previous meeting, we authorised a payment of $2,000 from money raised as part of our coin a day programme and this money was paid to Warragul Rotary; who in turn have been able to double that amount. So, $4,000 has gone to the SHaRM Foundation in Vanuatu for the schoolís project. A big thanks to the congregation and their generosity.


*   Now, a bit of advertising. Messy Church. Sunday arvo the 27th at 4.00 pm until 6.00 pm; so, check out the flyers and remember; word of mouth is sometimes the best advertisement. So tell anyone you know with primary school aged kids to come and join us. And thereís a BBQ tea.



  Operating our Air Purifiers     


Given the ongoing threat of Covid and influenza viruses, and to lessen the chance of contracting a virus in an enclosed area, Church Council has installed three air purifiers at a cost of $2517  They will be adequate for the area required.  These air purifiers are now in the Worship Centre and have been trialled to find the best and least intrusive way to run them during Sunday Worship.

If you have been at church recently you may have noticed, and perhaps heard, our new air purifiers; known affectionately as Darleks. When running on Auto the units sense the air quality and react accordingly by increasing the fan speed, then quieten down when the air quality improves. This can be a little distracting, especially if you are sitting near one of the units. 

After consultation with the suppliers (not Dr Who) we have been advised to set the units on "Turbo" timer for 30 minutes before the service starts, then the unit will die down to a designated fan speed; just as efficient but much quieter.  Thank you for your patience while we sort out the operation of these units.

 << One of the new air purifiers


  DECEMBER 2022 - Link to CROSSLIGHT to download PDF or open Flipbook


Using the flipbook . . .

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  And Another Thing . . .       


Why did the thief wear blue gloves?

He didn't want to be caught red-handed! (this one is from Crime Stoppers Vic)


Did you know?

Cowboys would put a lantern on their saddle at night so they could find the trail
when they were far from home.

This was early Saddle Light Navigation.