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Page Update 19 October 2021

Church Diary

Limited Numbers - up to 20 people in congregation
WORSHIP SERVICE Sundays (Until further notice)


Everyone is invited to enjoy

Coffee @ Newmason

25 Mason St Warragul

10.00am, Third Saturday every month

(Covid restrictions permitting)


Available in
 Print & On-Line


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Warragul Uniting Church
Men's Group
next meet

Tuesday 9th November, 7.30pm
in the chapel
(2nd Tues. in the month)

Open to all men in WUC (and friends) so whether you’ve been a regular member over the years or have never attended you are most welcome to join us.
We look forward to seeing you.


Craft Group is back!!

from 9.30am, Thursdays

in our warm & cosy Chapel



All women welcome
To enjoy a Lunch-time of fellowship
with a very friendly group of women

Wednesday 10 November, 12.30pm

at The Downtowner,55 Victoria St Warragul


Trains in the Shed
Wednesdays at
Men invited to join in the mate-ship and in the interesting business of Model Railway development. 


  A bit of this & that, from Des Parker  

What a contrast, the first half a neck and neck struggle with each side dominating at different times.  Then, woosh, an overwhelming and dominant display.  A long time between ‘flags’ and much celebration for ‘Dees’ supporters.  Commiserations to the ‘Bulldogs’.

I know it’s a bit hard for you to read congratulations to the ‘Dees’ from a Magpie supporter, but there it is!   And ‘congrats’ to all of the teams than made the ‘8’ and those who struggled during the year.  As my Dad used to say when our teams were at the bottom of the ladder: ‘it takes a lot of strength to be at the bottom of the ladder because you are holding all of the other teams up!’

I guess that we all find ways to rationalize when our team does not win, or things do not go as we would wish.   Sometimes that is good.  If we use the rationalization to hide from the truth it’s not so good because we allow unresolved matters to build up, and that can create anxiety.  If we deal with the truth, which is sometimes difficult and unpleasant, we have a chance of resolving the matter.

As the number of people being first and second dose vaccinated, we are moving towards some freeing up of restrictions.  This should mean a return to being able to have the full congregation meet in the Worship Centre on the first Sunday in November.  I remember that when our children were small, they could not attend Kindergarten unless they were vaccinated.  Exemptions could be granted when there were medical reasons for not being vaccinated.  Today, if you want to visit certain countries there are vaccinations that you must have otherwise you cannot visit.  

So, vaccinations, and the implication of not being vaccinated have been around for a long time.  Restriction of travel and the number of people that you could visit has been very difficult for many people.  Phone calls etc are good but they are not a long-time solution to meeting someone in person.  We will get there, let’s hope that this will be sooner rather than later.  Although we can’t meet in each other’s homes, it is great to see the delight that people feel when they meet someone they know when shopping.  Even with much of the face hidden by a mask, the delight can be seen in the eyes, the posture of the body and the vitality of the conversation.  It’s a great time for a conversation, although short, and recharging the batteries of our soul and mind.

The September issue of UCAF (Uniting Church Adult Fellowship) magazine contains a picture of six ladies seated around a table which contains a feast of sandwiches, cream sponge cake, tea and coffee.  All on a table covered by an attractive lace cloth.  This was their first meeting in their new church.  The members of the Tatura Uniting Church had sold the church and purchased what was the Gallery Café in the main street.

What an adventure!  A number of congregations have made similar changes in response to their inability to maintain old buildings and their wish to become a new church for a new age.  That’s not hiding from the truth but looking at how it might open other opportunities.

Blessings, Des Parker.



 News About Our Church Grounds & Gardens - from Tilly    


Another busy morning in the garden last Saturday, BUT so much easier because of the work people have been doing all through the year.  Our main job was tackling the weeds in the blue-bell wood.  A bit of weeding outside the kitchen and some labyrinth repairs of vanishing bricks and rabbit diggings.

A very big THANK YOU to each and every one of you who have just kept on top of things progressively. Others have obviously been pulling weeds and the mop tops look amazing.

Garden mornings on the 2nd and 4th Saturdays seems to be our best plan in these rather uncertain times.  So hopefully we will see you on the 9th of October, 10.00am - 12.00pm if you are about.


Some of the people in the garden - doing a great job! 


These are some of the beautiful plants in our garden blossoming this Spring!!

More photos from our church garden



 News from Church Council    


ELECTIONS…Both State and Commonwealth elections are not too far away…

but this is about elections of members of the church to the Church Council, Elders and Members of Presbytery.  How this happens will depend upon the level of restrictions in place at the time...we may be able to meet together in the church at that time.  So, at this stage we are planning for a Congregational meeting to be held following worship on Sunday 7th November for these elections.  If we are unable to meet as a congregation on this day we will make other arrangements.

Notices about this meeting, and any changes to the arrangements, will be distributed to all members via email or hand delivered.  The notices will include nomination forms for Church Council members, Elders and Members of Presbytery.

Essential Safety Measures… You may have noticed in the newspapers and on TV that over the past few years there have been several problems in buildings. Cracks in the wall of high-rise buildings, collapse of buildings, incorrect cladding that caught fire have probably been the most dramatic.  From surveys of buildings, including houses and churches, it was clear that the Essential Safety Measures, which were regulated in Victoria some years ago, have not been followed.  These regulations are now being enforced.  They are aimed at ensuring that any building used by the public is safe for people to use.  What this means for us is that we need to do such things as keep careful records of our regular checks that the doors, heaters, lights, fans, cooling, electrical and gas fittings to name a few, all operate properly and safely.  The Presbytery is offering advice about professional assistance to make sure that we do all that is required.  On behalf of the Church Council, John Currie is establishing a small task group to make sure that we are doing all that is required.

‘SIGHT’… the delivery and installation of the new Data projector has been delayed because it is not available yet.  Covid 19 has resulted in significant delays in manufacture and delivery.

‘SOUND’…  we are expecting delivery of the acoustic panels during late October with installation during November.  Installation takes about five working days.

Thank you to those who have donated to ‘Sight’ and/or ‘Sound’.  Further donations can be made through the Church Office.  Please mark your envelope “Sight” and/or “Sound” so it can be allocated to the appropriate project.


News from Around the Congregation    


Some of the good news that has come to our ears while we have been under restrictions:

Birthdays:  happy 80th to Tom, and happy 95th to Norma (getting closer to that telegram from the Queen).

Welcome home: to Marja and Jack after their extended travels.

Congratulations: many celebrations are being had in one of our church households.  Peter and Meredith are celebrating the engagement of their daughter Steph, to Sarah.  They are celebrating the great news of becoming grandparents - their daughter Erin, and her husband Evan are expecting their first baby sometime in early March.  And, Erin has been nominated by her school for the 2021 Victorian Education Excellence Awards, and is in the top three finalists in the Outstanding Primary Teacher Award category.

Congratulations to Rev Ian and Margery on the birth of their first grandchild - Naomi - born to their son and daughter-in-law.  When travel permits, Germany will be the first destination for Ian and Margery to see their little bundle of joy.

The Church Office has received a lovely letter expressing the appreciation of our members who reside at Abbey Gardens Warragul, for all the efforts made to keep them involved in our congregation with the weekly notices, orders of service and reflection notes.



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