The Diner Church Service 2 August 2015



Sharing - announcements

Singing - words projected on the screen

A service to celebrate the work of The Diner was held in our church on 2nd August, with leaders of each team playing some part in the service, from lighting the candle, bringing The Diner photo album forward, to having input into the choice of songs for the day.

Alan Pugh (The Diner co-founder) was able to worship with us.  

He informed us about the formation of The Diner as a result of concern for less fortunate members of the community, and about the expansion from the original three Uniting Church teams to soon include a team each from the Salvation Army, Anglican and Catholic Churches.

Gary, who has been a client since those early days, also spoke about his appreciation for the work of The Diner.

The Diner Coordinator, Grant presented with a certificate of recognition

Certificates of Appreciation were presented to all six teams and the set-up and clear-away team, who have all served so faithfully over the 23 years of The Diner's existence, albeit with some changes in membership as circumstances change.

With their Certificates, (L-R)  Dorothy - Catholic Church, Joy - Anglican, Jill - Salvation Army, Dianna - Uniting Church, Jenny - Uniting Church, Olwyne - Uniting Church, Les - Set-up Assistant, Grant Coordinator,  Rev Bruce Wood at the lecturn.  

Rev Bruce Wood sharing today's Reflection

On Bruce's left, the board displaying the 'Grace' used at The Diner

Receiving the Offering

Communion was celebrated as part of The Diner service

From The Diner - blackboard with menu, checked cloth and table decor

The Communion bread and wine (grape juice) being distributed to the congregation

The service was followed by a special morning tea in the activities room, which was set up in a manner similar to The Diner day (Tuesday) each week.

Sincere thanks must go to all who contributed to the success of this celebration.