Installation of Wesley Bell - 2015  (part 1)



Photo above — 2 August 2015

It has happened . . .  during July 2015.

As the builder of our ‘new’ church building (opened June 2006), Graeme Snape was able to contribute his “final touch” with the installation of the original Wesley bell from one of our former church buildings.

We always intended  to install this historic bell (over 120 years old) at our Sutton Street church and Graeme made this possible — and by using his contacts in the building trade he really moved this project along.

Together with the four beautiful stained glass windows from St Andrew’s, we now have the bell from Wesley, creating historical links to our place in the Warragul district.

It is intended the bell will be rung for a short time each Sunday morning as a reminder that our regular worship service will begin in 15 minutes and then rung again briefly at 10am at the beginning of our service.  The bell may be used on other occasions such as weddings and funerals.

The bell is now rung via an electronic controller within the building.

Locating the vertical steel beam within the wall

Scissor lift simplifies working at a height!

Mounting bracket bolted to the steel beam in the wall

Fitting the bell cover

Attaching the bell

Installation photos — 29 and 30 July 2015

Graeme Snape was well enough to celebrate together with his twin brother their 70th birthdays with afternoon tea in the church Activities Room on 11th July 2015, with a large crowd present.

Our sympathies to the Snape families on the death of Graeme on the 28th July 2015 following his battle with illness.  


Graeme Snape with the Wesley Bell