2016  Palm Sunday and Easter



   Palm Sunday — Way of the Cross    

On Sunday 20th March, Combined Churches of Warragul participated in their annual ‘Way of the Cross’ walk through Warragul CBD.

More than 200 people took part, alternating with singing a verse of Lord of the Dance, then silently following those carrying the cross.  At the cenotaph, the cross was raised and fixed into position.  Rev Bruce Wood addressed the gathering; the final verse and refrain of Lord of the Dance was sung.

The cross remains in the cenotaph garden during the Easter season, as a symbol of meaning and significance behind events that speak of Easter.

Lord of the Dance — A metaphor for life “I danced/lived in the morning . . .”





   2016 Good Friday Worship    

Upon arrival, we were handed a small white stone;  to ‘represent the rough edges of our lives’

We entered in silence; blinds drawn — light subdued

Glow of projected images from the ‘screen’

Stillness — ‘hush of expectation’

Dramatic readings; congregational singing; reflections

Striking of hammer on wood—stark contrast to the quietness

Raising of a black draped cross

Singing: ‘Were you there when they crucified my Lord?’

and the final instruction —  Please leave in Silence 

A powerful Service!


   Easter Day Worship    

 Sunday 27th March 

 The Choir singing - "but now has Christ arisen . . ." 

 Rev Bruce Wood 

 Streamers to Celebrate the Joy of Easter Day 


 Rev Bruce Wood waiting to receive and bless the offering 


 The joy of the risen Christ expressed in a floral cross 


      On Easter Day, a sign proclaiming “He is Risen” was affixed to the cross in the cenotaph garden