First Nations Bus Trip — 2018



First Nations Bus Trip    On Friday 27 July 2018, a bus-load of eager participants set off from our church on a 'special day tour'.  They were embarking on a trip to 'learn more of Aboriginal History and Culture'.

The tour  itinerary  included:-


 1.  Picnic Point

 2.  Robin Hood Reserve

 3.  Labertouche Fire memorial at the Hall

 4.  McDonald’s Road (past Tonkins Road)

 5.  Jindivick to view Jackson’s Track Plaque
        and the Community Garden

 6.  Neerim South Pub for lunch

 7.  Past wetlands round the back roads of
        Neerim South

 8.  Viewed the new chain saw carving of
        a Greek God.

 9.  Back to Jindivick and on to
        Nangarra Reserve, Jindivick

10. Back into Warragul to view the
        Lionel Rose Statue

11. Burke Street Park to see the bollard
        painted by
Eileen Harrison

Robin Hood Reserve, photos below and at right - Rocks in the water form a 'Fish Ladder'


Nangara Reserve

Photo below, showing Mosaic featured on boulder
to left of the Nangara Reserve gate

  LINKS  Nangara-Reserve     Friends of Nangara Reserve 

Burke Street Park, Warragul

Some of our group gathered around mosaic in Burke Street park

Bollard painted by
Eileen Harrison