Wesley Bell Sounds Again — March 2018  (part 2)


The Wesley Bell is located adjacent to the front entry portico


2018  The RE-INSTALLED bell was given a demonstration ringing during the Palm Sunday service on the
25th March—followed by the first ‘regular’ use on Easter Day 1st April.


During July 2015, the Wesley bell (from our former church) was installed at our Sutton Street church.

The bell was fixed to a large bracket, which is securely bolted to the steel frame of the building.  The bell did not swing to ring.  A solenoid operated clapper was located to strike the bell upon it’s external surface.

Unfortunately, from inside the building, the loud ‘thump’ of the clapper drowned out the sound of the bell.  The bell’s rubber mounts did not isolate the mechanical noise from the building’s steel frame.  Additionally, the new clapper’s design and material was too different from the original and so the bell did not resonate properly.


One of our talented church members, Ian Rowlerson was brave enough to take on the challenge of rectifying the situation.

For about 18 months Ian's home workshop became a ‘bell factory’ and was the scene of a series of experiments—researching, designing, testing; modifying, testing—more research, new designs and testing.  It was quite a saga of hit and miss!

Almost by accident, it was discovered that the original clapper produced a vastly better bell sound.  The bell is now swung to ring (by an electric motor) and is using its original clapper.

Church member Bill Hall in deploying his expertise, was especially involved with the electrical / electronics procurement.

Bill installed the new electronics and the required new cabling from bell to control box inside the church.  He had to wrestle with the Chinese instructions as he modified, connected and adjusted the controls.

Thanks to our members John Spargo and Con Murphy who assisted Ian and Bill with the bell’s reinstallation.

The bell now sounds out with clarity and resonance.  According to an ‘ear-witness’ it can be clearly heard outside the Arts Centre in Civic Park, about one km 'as the crow flies'.


Ian Rowlerson