Worship 'Pre-Covid' . . . prior to 22 March 2020


From the "What's On Sundays" page, before the 'Covid-19 Shut-down'


10.00am   We gather each Sunday to engage with the Spirit of the living God.

We do this two ways.  One is by engaging our senses in prayer and song and the other is exploring how we add depth and meaning to our lives through intentional and considered reflections of the scriptures.


 During the worship service, we 'Pass the Peace' — "May the peace of the Lord be with you"


    Holy Communion   

On the first Sunday of each month during 10.00am Worship service, everyone is invited to participate in the celebration of communion.

 Rev Denise Liersch (Moderator) and Rev Dr Des Parker distribute the elements— the bread and the grape juice,
 assisted by two elders     (Moderator's visit 2 Feb 2020)

 In turn, people form a line at the front of the church, to receive the elements 

On the first Sunday of the month, we bring our gifts of groceries to give to—Baw Baw Combined Churches Food Relief, and our 'Coin-a-Day' money which presently goes to Frontier Services.

 Receiving the offering 


 At the end of the service, we join hands and sing the blessing for each other