Bus Trip to Cranbourne - Royal Botanic Gardens

4 November 2022


Blooming Marvelous

Blooming Marvelous . . . was the bus trip on Friday Nov 4th.  There were 30 intrepid explorers, a cool clear day and a well organised itinerary, thanks to Tilly.

The Australia Gardens at Cranbourne is at itís floral peak in mid spring and the variety there is mind-bendingly huge!   Godís great creation to enjoy with some planning, design and horticultural help from the clever Botanical staff there.

On arrival at the gardens, most of us boarded the Ďtour trainí for a guided introduction to the gardens, which took about 30 minutes, then we were free to explore, lunch, or picnic as we wished and to meander with much to see and enjoy.

We boarded the bus for home, taking a scenic route, which included afternoon tea at Picnic Point, where the Tarago River was running quite high and fast.  Time for a group photo then home to Warragul Uniting Church.

We were pleased to discover the bus was able to negotiate the Church driveway entry (a major concern when the crossover was being re-constructed earlier this year).

Thank you to our driver Sue for safe travel.  We look forward to our next bus trip  adventure!


In this photo, can you see the dinosaur?