Warragul Uniting Church, 210 Sutton Street, Warragul, Victoria, Australia


The PHOTO ALBUM page 13

210 Sutton Street Warragul

April to 3 May 2006


North elevation - kindergarten fencing on left; cross in place on right - 3 May 2006

Two days before - cross off delivery truck, being prepared for crane lift

Cross being lowered into position 

Cross almost into position

Final attachment to building being made

Builder dons a safety harness and rides the bucket to give the cross a final clean

North west view from the entry drive-way

View of the Worship Place, Centre Room and the Activities Room - plaster lining finished, painting 95% complete (the walls are not curved - its just what happens when three photos are joined)

 Looking across street from library through to worship

Installing some of the heating/cooling system duct work

Installation of one of the stained glass windows from previous church

Through the glass, a worker completes sealing of the window