Warragul Uniting Church, 210 Sutton Street, Warragul, Victoria, Australia


The PHOTO ALBUM page 21


Church FETE 4th April 2009 


Beautiful sunny day.  With all those cars, there's just gotta be something happening here today

Here's the Garage Sale section.  These guys have been here since before 7.30am.  Four hours later and they're still smiling!

Plenty of orders for Devonshire teas

The kitchen's a busy place on a day like this

Must wear that hair cover - food safety you know ...

Devonshire Teas or Luncheon tickets?

Yummy home made scones

Good spot for a chat and a cuppa

Buy your hand-crafted knitware here ...

Second hand books are always popular

We've just about sold everything on our stall

Step up and get your potatoes here

Now for a browse amongst the plants

I'll have the large bag of apples - Royal Gala you say?

Get your snags here ...

Do you like them well done?

 The shopping bag's full.  Kids are happy but tired.
It must be home time

 Friendly place this ... and I found some good bargains.
I'll be back next year!