Wishing everyone a joyous and  Holy Christmas


(Published in News First, December 2007 - The monthly church newsletter of Warragul Uniting Church)

from Rev Chris Cohen


Dear Friends,

It seems such a short time since we celebrated Christmas 06. Already we are in the middle of Advent 07 and planning events that will reflect Christmas this year.

Our younger members will lead us in worship on the 2nd of December and children on the 9th of December for the Godís Gang Christmas presentation. On the 16th of December we will be singing Carols with an Australian flavour and on the 23rd we will be having the evening Carols on the lawn service we enjoyed last year. Christmas Eve at 11.30pm and Christmas Day at 9am will be the culmination of these events.

As I write this, nativity scenes are being prepared by Joan and Les with helpers.  Iím looking forward to the presence of these, one externally, on the approach lawns and one in the building.  Thank you to the creative, practical and committed people involved.  By the time you read this the Christmas Club activities for children will be over.  Again a big thank you to those involved.

All of this activity and all these events arenít designed just to keep us busy, although Iím sure that also happens, rather they are designed to remind us and the wider community of the wonderful event of Jesus; God coming into human experience, so that we might understand the nature of God. Consequently we talk about and express love as a reflection of Godís love for us, we give gifts, as a reminder of the giving of Jesus for us and we celebrate with joy and hope; joy for the life and hope for the future.

In amongst the activity of Christmas we can also take time to reflect on the meaning and purpose of Christmas and the meaning and purpose of our own lives. In doing this we might find faith and richness in our being and freedom from the mundane that can reduce us into empty living.

I believe one of the reasons for Jesus is to help us discover the great potential in our humanity that is a reflection of the nature of God. As we discover that and live it out and share this great news the world becomes a better place and Christmas is about real joy!

I pray it is so for you.

Yours in Christ,