We're Home !!!

from Chris Cohen - September 2008


Dear Friends,

We are home, a good place to be.  Our time on leave has been a wonderful experience of renewal and refreshment for us individually and as a couple.  We both appreciated the times together, without other demands drawing us apart.

Travel - is always an opportunity to see things anew and we have been powerfully reminded of how big this country is; wide open spaces, mountain ranges, flooded plains, drought still for some, flood for others, gorges, rainforests etc. 

All of these combined to tell us how wonderful this creation is. Some special places moved our spirits and we didn’t want to leave.  Fauna and flora from ancient fossilised skeletons to dolphins and dense rainforests to spectacular tiny flowers in vast red sand plains.  Living outdoors with the cycle of the moon and new sunrises each day and spectacular sunsets (one with a cross in the centre that I am keen to show people).

All of this however was made rich and meaningful by the wonderful people we met and shared something of our lives with: sometimes a rather brief encounter and others longer term and more lasting.  Many Christian folk (you can tell!) were provided for us and we for them.  Having people help and we having the opportunity to help others; this “Good Samaritan” and “Love your neighbour” thing is catching.  The Spirit of Jesus is alive and well on the open road.

We are thankful for the ministry of Hamish and Hilary Christie-Johnston and also to Geoff and John and Philip for their worship leadership.

As we settle back into our “normal’” lives we hope to share more of our journey with you.

Your friend Chris.