Easter Greetings

From Rev Hannes Schaefer

(Published in News First, April 2004 - monthly church newsletter, Warragul Uniting Church)


As we celebrate this coming week our festival of Easter, with all the various stages of entrance -- crucifixion and resurrection, I believe, that we should take a look at the purpose of Easter.

I believe, that Easter is a time for all of us, to remind ourselves to cultivate a compassion and love for all human beings. Jesus Christ did not put any conditions on compassion and love for others.  It was and still is a powerful and immeasurable wish by Christ.

It is also a wonderful experience when one is free from anger and holding some one close, instead of holding them at a distance. It is a very powerful experience, when we all dwell in harmony, even- minded and open-hearted, realizing essential goodness with all people.

It would be great if we were free from suffering and all the causes of suffering. It is so distractive what we are doing to others and how distractive it is sometimes to individuals and communities.  Letís be aware that we should be healers and not instruments of pain.

How hurtful it is, to see so many in our community not being aware of the joy they would experience if they would understand and realize their full potential.  It would be great if we could all help each other to enjoy our full potential regardless of age or what ever.

And most of all, at this time of the year, to be reminded of the immeasurable love that was and still is shown by Christ to all people.

Let us be willing to put into practice what Jesus tried to achieve through the passion Week. Cultivating impartiality, and responsibility to others, generating the feeling of equality to all people, and be grateful for the love we can give to others against all odds.

In the lead up to Easter time of inner searching of who we are, have we missed the point in regard to what we believe and stand for?  It is a soul searching experience and should be seen as a growth experience and also underpin our endeavour to imitate what Christ stood for in the Passion Week.

May the passion and love of Christ be with you at Easter.